Jul 14 – Written By Patrick Brouillette

Contractor Profits in 2020 & Beyond

Contractor Profits in 2020 & Beyond

Are You Prepared?

Up until March, it was business as usual. Many contractors and small businesses readying themselves for the huge economic boom that was anticipated going into the spring. Home contractorslocal general contractors, business service companies, cement contractors,  and retail establishments were all blindsided by the shutdown. Small businesses like those that thrive on custom orders such as local engraving shops, t-shirt designers, and handmade craft makers are also greatly impacted due to the lack of physical foot traffic needed to keep them afloat.

But I am not here to write about Covid, as that has been covered way too much lately. What I am here to write about is how can we stop scrambling and start to work together in order to pick ourselves all out of the rut we are in. We all need each other’s services; we just need to open our figurative wallets and purses and start spending money. Our economy depends on us spending money, and if we are all being super cheap and not spending, guess what? That affects you as well, what goes around comes around.

Seek out a service provider that you need and negotiate. Heck, even barter if you have to. This is an untraveled path we are all on, so let’s navigate carefully yet aggressively. We can hold back and need to jump in headfirst before 2020 is gone before our eyes, with no profitability to be seen.

Services such as house paintinghome security services, and realtors all depend on homeowners spending cash to survive. These people are US, not them. We all provide a service, product, or work for a company that does. The lawn still needs to get mowed, the replacement deck in the backyard still needs to be installed, and life still needs to go on.

There are even alot of online companies that need support right now as well. Those that offer digital marketing services like building websites, or the guy down the street that sells diecast cars on eBay. Everyone needs to make a living to support their way of life, lets get out and spend and get the gears moving on our economy again.

We all know a business owner or 2, or maybe that’s you. Ask them how their business is doing and promote them via work of mouth and social media. It doesn’t hurt you to help another. It feels good to help and doesn’t cost a dime. If they need some business support, give them a hand the best way you can.

Many people are starting new businesses up, from scratch. Its a great thing to see. I was at the bank yesterday and the teller mentioned they had 3 other people just that day that set up business accounts. That’s exciting and reassuring to hear. Some got the business loans from the SBA, but most did not. Either way, business goes on, the barrier to entry to starting a business today is easier than ever.

What are your thoughts?

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