Jul 16 – Written By Patrick Brouillette

Contractors in America


How have things changed?

If you are in business, and have been for some time, you can probably rattle off many of the changes that have occurred since March. One of the major changes I have seen, is the gigantic boom in the need for home services. Contractors such as painters, concrete companies, home remodeling companies, fence contractors and other local general contractors have literally doubled their requests for services in the past 6 months.

Since everybody is home and afraid of more slump in the economy, people are beautifying their homes since they now are spending more time there. Repairing, adding additions, improving the overall appearance seems to be the most popular.

Contractor management services have become more in demand due to many start-up businesses popping up everywhere. The demand is unprecedented across the country, so someone needs to fill that gap quickly. There is a lot of profit to be made during this time, if it is capitalized on properly.

Some things to look out for in 2021

With the rise in start-ups and new companies. You must ensure that the contractors that you hire are properly licensed to perform work in your city and state. Verify their ability to perform the work with references. Ask about timeline, pricing, and what their payment preferences are. Choose a company that meets your criteria. Don’t select a contractor purely based on price. Often the lowest bidder is your worst option.

Now many people that are either displaced or underemployed must figure where the next buck is going to come from. Maybe they are great at carpentry but previously worked in the IT field, or maybe they love to paint and used to be a secretary for a large company. Everybody is finding their groove in this new, uncharted territory.

What have you noticed?

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